2-line Caller ID for Phone Orders

2-line Caller ID for Phone Orders

  • $399.00

Hardware Features

Inbound Caller ID
Incoming call data includes phone line number; time, date, Caller ID number and name (where available).

Never Miss Data 
Individual microprocessors on each channel capture all data from simultaneous calls on multiple lines.

Large Installations
Four and Eight-Line Units can be chained together to monitor up to 32 phone lines into one computer network.

All Inclusive Package
Product includes a wall mount power supply; 6' Ethernet or Serial cable; mounting bracket; and CD with software, diagnostic tools, and manual.

Physical Dimensions:   1.5" x 3.35" x 5.3"
Shipping Weight:   5lbs
Phone Connections: Modular RJ11 (2 Wire)
Computer Connection: Ethernet 6' CAT5e Cable


* Requires SaaS Subscription